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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


There were so many things.
He'd made a list as a child of them: things he'd do when he was invisible.
He'd sneak into the White House.
He'd run around the library knocking over books, like in 'Ghostbusters'.
He'd sneak into the women's changing rooms.
He'd still a kiss from Sue Glazer in form 5L.
He'd peak down her blouse.
He'd steal as many sweets as he could carry.
He'd find out what was so secret behind the locked door of the study.
He'd kick Mr Robinson up the backside in front of the whole school.
He'd push Davey Hudson headfirst into a puddle while Sue Glazer watched.

But now it had actually come to it, he couldn't really be bothered. He'd rather stay in and watch TV.


Blogger Adam said...

Am I the first to leave a comment? It can be hard getting people to look nevermind comment. I like your little stories. Jar Jar is just wrong. Keep posting them.

7:58 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

ooh thanks.

How did you find this by the way? It was just a little project I never really told anyone about.

cleraly, it only lasted a month..

11:37 AM  
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12:44 PM  

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