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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


It's not really stealing.
It's taking advantage of your situation. Take IKEA. They make enough profits to know they can sell you a paper cup and let you fill up your own drink, in the full knowledge that some customers will help themselves to seconds. So if they budget in a few extra 'free drinks' into their overheads, where's the harm in him turning up with his own cup?
It's easy to get in via the exit - there's people wandering in and out with trolleys of flatpacked furniture all the time. So he helps himself to all he can drink (hint: he always brings paper Pepsi cups to blend in with the others). And, if he's feeling reckless, he might spend 50p on a hotdog. And more often than not, he'll wander out the exit door with someone else's trolley. Once you're in the car park, who's to tell one from the other?
That's the beauty of living in Brent Cross. You should see his bedsit, it's decked out lovely.


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